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Bulldog Virtual Academy Application for Grades 6-12

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Holmes High School and Holmes Middle School are excited to announce the continuation of our online learning option for students in grades 6-12. Over the past two years, we have learned how to provide a quality education for our students virtually, and we are proud to offer this solution for students and families who learn better virtually.

Please see the information about the online program below along with the student profile to determine if this is the best learning environment for your student. If it is, please complete the application process.

Important information to review before applying:

Enrollment will be limited and acceptance is not guaranteed. We want to ensure that each student is in the learning environment where they will continue to grow and succeed academically.  Acceptance will be limited to students who are on grade level, have proven successful with virtual learning in the past, or have the traits needed to be successful in an online learning environment. All applicants and their guardian will meet with a school administrator or counselor to discuss potential acceptance.

Digital Platform. Middle school and high school students will utilize Edgenuity on a daily basis to complete their courses.  They will also use Lexia Reading as needed to improve their reading skills. Students will learn at their own pace throughout the week and may complete work during the traditional school day and/or in the evenings, depending on what works best for the student. They will meet with a certified teacher at least once a week via Google Meet during the traditional school day and will have the ability to meet more often and in-person.  Regulations and state truancy laws will be enforced for all students.

Student Success. To ensure student success, grades and progress will be monitored weekly.  If a student is not passing all of their classes at the end of any week, they will be required to work from the Holmes campus the following week to catch back up.  If they are still failing a course, they will be required to attend traditional school for the remainder of the year.

In-Person Support.  All students in our online learning program will always have the ability to work from a designated classroom on campus with a certified teacher.  Students will also have the option to take elective classes in person (art, band, career classes, etc.).

Communication.  Strong communication between the school and the parents/guardians is vital for student success in an online learning environment.  A mandatory orientation for students and parents will take place before the beginning of school.  Weekly progress will be emailed to parents/guardians through Edgenuity, and optional weekly meetings will be held for parents/guardians.  Anytime a student needs to work from campus because of a failing grade, a phone conversation with the parent/guardian will occur.

The deadline for application is August 9, 2021. You can complete the application by clicking on the link at the bottom of the next page.

Profile of a Successful Virtual Learning Student

To determine if virtual learning is the right fit for your child, review the following checklist. If you can answer yes to each question, virtual learning may be the right fit for your family!

  • Does your child enjoy working online?
  • Does your child have time each day to be focused and engage to complete assignments?
  • Does your child complete homework independently without a lot of reminders from adults in the home?
  • Does your child enjoy completing projects/tasks independently?
  • Was your child successful with virtual learning during the 2020-2021 school year?

Traits/Characteristics of a Successful Virtual Learning Student:

  • Exhibits self-directed learning skills and the ability to work independently
  • Self advocates if problems arise by reaching out to the teacher, counselor, or other support  staff
  • Accepts critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process
  • Establishes a good study environment
  • Creates and follows a daily schedule
  • Has effective time-management skills
  • Possesses basic technology skills

Technology Requirements:

  • Dependable internet connection
  • A personal or district-provided device
  • Printer (recommended but not necessary)

Parents/guardians will need to:

  • Provide current and up-to-date contact information
  • Create a dedicated learning space for your student
  • Monitor progress and assignment completion
  • Communicate with and respond to teachers as needed
  • Ensure the student attends all scheduled synchronous (live) sessions
  • Commit to an increased level of responsibility and support for student's attendance, participation, and assignment completion

Online Application

If you would like to complete the application, please click here:

Bulldog Virtual Academy Application


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