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Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
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Latonia Elementary cheerleaders win 2nd place in the cheerleading competition.
Latonia Elementary cheerleaders win 2nd place in the cheerleading competition.
Latonia Elementary girls basketball team wins 1st place.
Latonia Elementary girls basketball team wins 1st place.
Students in the Latonia Elementary Herbmania and Garden Club.
Herbmania and Urban Garden Club
Students are hard at work on the first day of school.
Hard at Work
Student picks flowers for the flower arrangements the garden club is selling.
Students are hard at work on the first day of school.
Hard at Work
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Student is ready to learn after attending Meet the Teacher Night.
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Students in the garden club, work on moving a pile of dirt.
It's a Tough Job, But Somebody Has to Do It

Parents please select instructional options for next semester

As we look to the second half of the school year beginning on January 4, 2021, we would like to start planning at the school and district level for hybrid in-person learners and full remote learners who enroll in the Covington Virtual Academy. Covington Independent Public Schools will offer again the option for students to receive in-person instruction or full remote learning.  Below explains the options and how to apply for each. The deadline to fill out the application is Wednesday, December 16. 

Covington Virtual Academy (Full Remote Option)
Parents may choose for their child(ren) to remain in the Covington Virtual Academy or may choose to transition their child(ren) to our in-person model.  Families who opt for full remote learning will be enrolled in this academy beginning January 4, 2021 and may remain in the academy through the end of the year.  If you change your mind later and prefer in-person instruction, you may contact your child’s school, see number 7 below.  If your children will remain in the academy or if you opt for your children to go fully remote, please click here to complete the application.  Please read further for more details on our CVA program:

  1. Students in this remote program will remain students in Covington Independent Public Schools but attend school full-time remote.
  2. If needed, each student in grades K-12 may request from their school a district-owned electronic device for their use.  Parents will need to pick up the device and sign a release form to take the computer home. Parents may also ask about receiving a hot spot device if connectivity is a need in the home.
  3. The content of the classes in the remote program will align with the Kentucky Academic Standards from the Kentucky Department of Education.
  4. When possible, designated Covington Independent teachers and staff will be assigned exclusively to the program to guide and support learning.  Again, this is only when possible due to current staffing at each individual school.  You will need to contact your child’s school for specifics regarding support and guidance for virtual learners.
  5. Most learning will take place asynchronously, which means students can engage in their learning using a schedule that works best for their family.  For example, a teacher may not regularly expect students to attend "live" lessons at certain times. Instead, teachers may offer mini-lessons, make pre-recorded videos, hold office hours and provide other “live” support when students need it. 
  6. In the remote program, your child may not receive instruction or support from their homeschool teacher. Our classroom teachers will focus on in-person each school day.  Much of the program will be self-paced and parents/caregivers will continue to be a key academic support for the students. 
  1. If you change your mind and would like to switch from CVA to our in-person learning model, you must get permission from the school’s principal.  Permission for students to switch programs is at the principal’s discretion.  

A/B Model (In Person Learning)
Students in this model will be assigned to either the A or B rotational schedule beginning January 4, 2021.  Students who are currently participating in the A or B model will remain in their same group when we return from winter break.  Parents who are opting for this A/B model for the first time this year must contact their child’s school to find out which group their child(ren) will be placed.  The rotation will be as follows: 

Monday and Tuesday will be for students in the A rotation and Thursday and Friday will be for students in the B rotation. Wednesday will remain a day for teacher planning and teacher communication with Covington Virtual Academy students.

The district will continue to provide breakfast and lunch meals to students. In addition, the district will continue to follow the guidance of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association for sporting events. We most certainly thank you for your support, patience and understanding. If you should have questions, please contact your child’s school.

In addition, please see Return to School Roadmap on the district’s website,


Scott Alter
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Covington Independent Public Schools

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